Valentini Sampethai, Goldsmiths University One day in the summer I turned eighteen, I was sitting on the deck of a boat with my friend Danae listening to the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks”. At some point, she turned and said to me, “Isn’t it sad, we’re not teenagers anymore?”. We both agreed thatContinue Reading

Elad Ben Elul, UCL Digital Anthropology and the Album People, Tel Aviv (An earlier version of this article was published in Interactions.) Applied anthropology is becoming increasingly visible and the rise of digital anthropology means cultural research is employed for the development and marketing of technology. However, applied anthropology can alsoContinue Reading

 Matt Voigts, UCL Digital Anthropology Alum The village youth elect their royalty, dance for the elders, and engage the nearby villages’ champions in combat. Gridiron combat, that is – high school football, American style, and the biggest game of the year is Homecoming (unless the team makes the state tournament).Continue Reading

By Dr. Don Slater (Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science) Dr. Joanne Entwistle (CMCI, King’s College London) Mona Sloane (Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science)   Project Website: Light has been largely invisible in social sciences. Although there are established research agendas on vision andContinue Reading

Luana Kaderabek, UCL Digital Anthropology This documentary has been created as part of the Digital Anthropology (MSc) program at UCL. The filmmaking module, led by the visual anthropologists Vikram Jayanti and Richard Curling, challenges anthropologists to incorporate digital media as a research tool in their ethnographies. The Minstrel has been nominatedContinue Reading

By Marta Vilar Rosales Centre for Research in Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UNL, Portugal The project “Atlantic Crossings: materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belonging” is a quest to follow the objects in particular, and “things” in general. From surveys in Lisbon, Oporto, São Paulo and RioContinue Reading

Via Fred Myers, NYU Linguists and indigenous communities in the Northern Territory have launched an online dictionary for indigenous sign languages. The Site,, contains several hundred video clips of signs for public view. You can listen to a radio program about the initiative here: Indigenous sign language on the web –Continue Reading

Graham H. Roberts, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense,   The aim of this contribution is to contribute to the growing literature on material culture and nostalgia in Russia and Eastern Europe.  In particular, I should like to take up the central themes of two articles published recently on MaterialContinue Reading

 Francisco Martínez (EHI, Tallinn University) – Palm down or thumb up: the fare depends on the gesture you do by the road. – In Russia, even Lenin seems to hitchhike, standing with a hand in his pocket and the other pointing up towards the future. Fig 1. Terje, the walkContinue Reading

Christopher Pinney, UCL Anthropology Salman Rushdie once suggested in an interview that in India you can traverse several centuries just by crossing the road.  Perhaps another way into the same question was provided by Malraux, (inevitably) more poetically in his Anti-Memoirs (“…in war, in museums real or imaginary, in culture,Continue Reading