Haidy Geismar, UCL As I’m sure you are all aware, last week Vanuatu was devastated by Cyclone Pam, battering the country with winds of over 270 mph. The storm knocked out the country’s telecommunications and transport infrastructure and now, just a few days later, it is estimated that more then 70%Continue Reading

Recent obituaries for the late doyen of cultural studies, who also greatly influenced material culture studies, Professor Stuart Hall, have appeared in the Jamaica Observer and the Guardian. A founding member of the New Left Review, Professor Hall is probably best known in the UK as an inaugural member ofContinue Reading

Arthur C. Danto, a provocative and influential philosopher and critic who championed Andy Warhol and other avant-garde artists and upended the study of art history by declaring that the history of art was over, has died. He was 89. Danto, an art critic for the Nation magazine from 1984 to 2009Continue Reading

A number of prominent anthropologists have passed away in recent weeks, perhaps most notably, George W. Stocking [July 13th, aged 85], Keith Basso [Aug. 4th, aged 73] and Igor Kopytoff on August 9th. With his major contribution ‘The cultural biography of things: commoditization as process’, in Arjun Appadurai’s groundbreaking TheContinue Reading

Originally published in the SocialistWorker.org on October 2, 2012 Neil Smith: A Passionate Scholar and Socialist Bill Roberts, a founding member of the ISO, and Hector Agredano, a doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center, remember the life of a determined activist. Neil Smith, the renowned scholar, beloved teacher and devoted activist, died on SeptemberContinue Reading

  Eric Hobsbawm dies, aged 95  (from the guardian.co.uk) Hobsbawm, a lifelong Marxist whose work influenced generations of historians and politicians, died in the early hours of Monday morning at the Royal Free Hospital in London after a long illness, his daughter Julia said. He was 95. Hobsbawm’s four-volume history of theContinue Reading