Haidy Geismar, UCL As I’m sure you are all aware, last week Vanuatu was devastated by Cyclone Pam, battering the country with winds of over 270 mph. The storm knocked out the country’s telecommunications and transport infrastructure and now, just a few days later, it is estimated that more then 70%Continue Reading

Molly Johannson and Sarah McFalls, UCL Anthropology This posting is one part of a wider project called Properties and Social Imagination – a collaboration between UCL Anthropology and Artists working at the School for Material and Visual Culture at Massey University, New Zealand. The project took several objects from theContinue Reading

Contains a good number of conversations and talks about Material culture, including a talk by Wendy Bellion entitled “What statues remember: sculpture and affect in nineteenth century New York”, by Elizabeth Povinelli called “The Dwelling Science: embodiment, obligation, knowledge.” and by Fath Ruffins, “Do Objects have Ethnicities: Race and MaterialContinue Reading

Lane DeNicola, Anthropology Department, University College London l.denicola@ucl.ac.uk The meme of the Internet’s radical transformation of commerce, and specifically the consumer-level experience of e-commerce, recognizes an amalgam of shifts. Perusal of commodities via keyboard and display, for example, engender a quite different posture than traditional “brick-and-mortar” venues. Shoppers are lessContinue Reading