Marta Rosales ESCS and CEMME FCSH/UNL, Professor Filomena Silvano CEMME FCSH/UNL (scientific coordinator) Domestic consumption practices, colonialism and transcontinental migration experiences of a group of Portuguese and Goan families. This project aims the study of the domestic consumption practices of a restrict group of families of Portuguese and Goan originsContinue Reading

[From the editors: we have reposted this from the early days of the site last year, as there seems to be a theme developing in the site regarding landscape, moving through space, and the politics of embodying place….more to come] Footpaths: In England and Wales the statutory definition of aContinue Reading

Patrick Laviolette, UCL/Massey University Source: Patrick Laviolette Thirty years ago Malcom Crick (I976) provided an explicit conceptualisation for map usages. His definition for what constitutes a map was that it is “something that is itself a representative device [and] can be employed as a means of representation” (I976: I29). HeContinue Reading

Daniel Miller, Anthropology UCL A Congress of different cultures: the General Assembly of the United Nations (in lieu of a conference photograph from the AAA) Last week I attended the annual meetings of the AAA held at San Jose. I went along with a group of students, staff and ex-studentsContinue Reading

Mikkel Bille, University College London Light: From old English leoht, meaning luminous, from Indo-European leuk-, to shine, to see. Light has been studied as metaphor for truth in Philosophy, and within Science in terms of lumen (as external and objective matter) and lux (as subjective and interior; as sight andContinue Reading