January12-13th 2012 Symposium Venue: Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford (A collaboration between De Montfort University and Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford) This conference examines the politics, poetics and ethics of the photographic visibility of the colonial past in museums in multicultural societies and the construction of postcolonial identities.Continue Reading

Moise Raluca, Dept of Anthropology, Univ. of Bucharest [Editorial Update: the author requested we add the note that this piece is currently being worked up into an article, May 31, 2013] The study of the discourses which characterize the youngsters’ culture, pinpointing the way they elaborate certain strategies to overcomeContinue Reading

WORKSHOP, Thursday 15 December 2011 RHUL@Bedford Square, 2 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6DP Once cast in the 1970s and 1980s as the epitome of individual freedom, a place liberated and isolated from fear and anxiety, the home has been re-conceptualised by social scientists as a deeply political space where theContinue Reading

The 17th biennial conference Native American Art Studies Association Ottawa, Ontario 26-29th October 2011. The program includes a keynote address by Richard William Hill, a special plenary session organized in cooperation with the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective, and receptions for NAASA members. The conference wraps up with a gala banquet celebratingContinue Reading

The Lucrece Project: Creative Experiments in Critical Practice is sponsoring Trash Lab, a performative experiment that models non-traditional economies and notions of value. Trash Lab is based on the work of artist Max Liboiron, who builds miniature landscapes out of trash and invites viewers to interact with the installation accordingContinue Reading

The Velvet Light Trap Call For Papers #70, Fall 2012—Stocks, Screens, and Servers: The Materiality of Media Submission Deadline: October 15, 2011 As culture becomes increasingly digitized—from downloading and streaming videos and music to digital film production and cloud computing—arguments for the “dematerialization” of media are becoming commonplace. However, mediaContinue Reading

Tim Webmoor has recently been pondering Science & Technology Studies in relation to the forthcoming AAA on the academic blog site Archaeolog