Book Review: Distributed Objects: Meaning and Mattering after Alfred Gell. Edited by Liana Chua and Mark Elliot Berghahn Books (London & New York), 2013     By Fiona P. McDonald (University College London)   According to Georgina Born in Distributed Objects: Meaning and Mattering after Alfred Gell, “we all have ourContinue Reading

Christopher Pinney, UCL Sherlock Holmes was many things: cocaine addict, violinist extraordinaire, expert on Ceylonese Buddhism, master consulting detective, and accomplished amateur boxer. He was also a published anthropologist of sorts having (as is revealed in The Adventure of the Cardboard Box [1889]) published two short articles on the outerContinue Reading

Chamada para artigos, ensaios (audio-)visuais e outros Prazo final: 01 de Dezembro de 2012 Este dossiê temático dos Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia (CadernosAA) – “Antropologia, etnografia e práticas artísticas” – procurará contribuir para a reflexão em torno da relação entre arte, etnografia e antropologia a partir de trabalhos de investigadores e artistas posicionadosContinue Reading