April 11, 2014 Institute of Fine Arts, New York University Organized by Anton Schweizer, 2012-2014 IFA/Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow RSVP is required. Please find instructions below. Japan is widely regarded as an exemplar in terms of the preservation of material integrity, the perpetuation of historical production techniques and the responsible preservationContinue Reading

By Oliver Wainwright (forwarded by Fiona McDonald) The Guardian, Wednesday 16 January 2013 It has lined the interiors of everything from greasy spoon cafes to luxury cruise liners, from hospital wards to train cabins – bringing a fusion of wipe-clean practicality and sleek modern style. And now Formica is celebrating its 100th birthday. The braveContinue Reading

Interstices 14 “Immaterial materialities” http://interstices.ac.nz/call-for-papers-4/ Please send your submission to Sandra Karina Löschke (sandra.loschke@uts.edu.au) by 3 March 2013. Materiality has recently claimed centre stage in architectural discourse and practice, yet its critical meaning is ever receding. Tropes like material honesty, digital materiality, material responsiveness and dematerialisation mark out an interdisciplinary fieldContinue Reading

Fernando Dominguez Rubio, Open University and NYU Today’s post is the result of a collaboration between a brilliant group of Spanish architects, Elii, and myself. The text that follows accompanied the Jane-Fonda Kit House that Elii designed for an exhibition that took place at CIVA‘s room in Brussels.   TheContinue Reading

Special issue coordinated by Catherine Deschamps and Bruno Proth In 1969, architect Amos Rapoport published his book House, Form and Culture. He was inspired in his work by his own observations as well as his meetings with anthropologists. The book focused more on vernacular architecture than on the modern or contemporary one.Continue Reading