Like many other London institutions seeking to shore up against an ever-rising digital tide, the Serpentine Galleries have announced a new annual “Digital Seasons” initiative that will recognize the works of artists working across digital media. Inaugurating this are acclaimed American artists Sondra Perry, whose work occupies the intersection betweenContinue Reading

Jane Yoonjeong Rhee, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL   “The Social Museum is a democratic space of civil society that envisions a neutral zone of values. We begin a chapter jointly to sympathise with our shared time, space, values, heritage, and the sense of indebtedness to the society.” (Translated fromContinue Reading

“Exhibition as Residency–Art, Anthropology, Collaboration” 18-22 November 2013 Arts Incubator in Washington Park 301 E. Garfield Blvd. Chicago, IL 60637   Ethnographic Terminalia is an initiative that brings artists and anthropologists together to engage in emerging research through exhibition. “Exhibition as Residency” is an interactive installation of several collaborative projects betweenContinue Reading

The Salvage Art Institute, a New York based project started by artist Elka Krajewska, surveys, catalogues, and investigates the status and value of art objects once they succumb to the effects of decay, damage or destruction. Its mission statement reads: Salvage Art Institute works to confront and articulate the conditionContinue Reading

Caught at the bus stop without your smartphone or tablet? Whatever are you to do?  (An apposite aside: do people still twiddle their thumbs or has thumb typing dexterity displaced the neural connectivity previously forged through such antique pastimes??) An Italian conceptual artist named Fra.Biancoshock has installed a solution in Milan: freeContinue Reading

Mark Dion and the Arts and Archaeologies of Waste – William Viney [William Viney has a PhD in cultural studies and humanities from the London Consortium, University of London. An editor for Pluto Press and Pod Academy, his current research project examines the philosophical, artistic and anthropological significance of twins.] AnContinue Reading