Haidy Geismar, UCL I have been thinking a lot about the power of digital imaging and the kinds of subjectivities that are built into the construction of three dimensional images as particular kinds of visualizations of museum collections. The British Museum is currently host to the exhibition, Ancient Lives New Discoveries,  anContinue Reading

In March, Gabriella Coleman gave a talk at the UCL Centre for Digital Anthropology drawing on her research with the activist (non)collective Anonymous. Her talk, entitled Anonymous and the Craftiness of Craft and the Trickiness of Trickery, linked Anonymous activists to the anthropological archetype of the trickster, and developed theContinue Reading

Circulation, Appropriation and Visual Consumption of Crafts in Chennai.  Dr.Kala Shreen Founder & Director,Cultural Dynamics & Emotions Network (CDEN), School of History and Anthropology,Queen’s University Belfast, U.K. www.qub.ac.uk/cden Chairperson,Center for Creativity, Heritage and Development, Chennai, INDIA, www.cchd.in  In 2012, a world crafts summit was convened by World Crafts Council in the metropolitan city ofContinue Reading