[This is an invited post from a PhD student working at Oxford University, accompanied by a series of comments about visual methods from PhD students working at UCL] Shireen Walton, PhD candidate in Anthropology, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford shireen.walton@sant.ox.ac.uk Oxford Digital Ethnography Group (OxDEG)/https://www.facebook.com/groups/OXDEG/  Continue Reading

Elad Ben Elul, UCL Digital Anthropology and the Album People, Tel Aviv (An earlier version of this article was published in Interactions.) Applied anthropology is becoming increasingly visible and the rise of digital anthropology means cultural research is employed for the development and marketing of technology. However, applied anthropology can alsoContinue Reading

A recent article in the Daily Mail drew my attention to a small group of professional colorists who have been using digital media to colorize photographs of the American Civil War — some iconic, and some quite pedestrian. Much of the online chatter about the pixel-pushers celebrates their ingenuity, patience, andContinue Reading

Elad Ben Elul, Department of Anthropology, UCL   Photos from Ghanaian family reunions are distributed through Facebook. The elders are often recorded telling family tales. Recent debates around the motivations for taking digital photos ask whether people document for memory or as tools for communication (Dijck 2008:58). However, this debateContinue Reading