David Jeevendrampillai, UCL Anthropology UCL promotes itself as a leading global university and frequently ranks amongst the top institutions in the world; it also houses the UK’s largest Anthropology department. The department has an international reputation as a leader in Anthropological research with a particular history and strength in materialContinue Reading

Since its inception, Material World has treated museums and archives not only as repositories of material culture, but as material culture–that is, material products as well as producers of culture and social memory. As institutions, they are sites of collection and exhibition, acts that have their own material and materializingContinue Reading

Circulation, Appropriation and Visual Consumption of Crafts in Chennai.  Dr.Kala Shreen Founder & Director,Cultural Dynamics & Emotions Network (CDEN), School of History and Anthropology,Queen’s University Belfast, U.K. www.qub.ac.uk/cden Chairperson,Center for Creativity, Heritage and Development, Chennai, INDIA, www.cchd.in  In 2012, a world crafts summit was convened by World Crafts Council in the metropolitan city ofContinue Reading

Haidy Geismar, UCL This is a short commentary on the current special exhibition at the Musee du Quai Branly, Paris’ “Museum of the others”. The exhibition, Cheveux Cheris: Frivolites et Trophies, translated into English as The Art of Hair is curated by Yves LeFur, Director of the Museum’s Heritage and Collections Department and drawsContinue Reading

Does the camera ever lie? A new exhibition shows that photography has been doing exactly that since its inception. From fairies at the bottom of the garden to ghostly visitors, here is a slide show of the best manipulated images (from the BBC Website). • Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop is atContinue Reading