A four-day workshop for graduate students and junior professionals Sponsored by the Otsego Institute for Native American Art History, in cooperation with the Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York May 18-23, 2014 The 2014 Otsego Institute for Native North American Art History will focus on two interrelated issues of fundamental importanceContinue Reading

March 13-16, 2014  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Submission Deadline: Friday, 15 November, 2013 Music flows. Evocative metaphorically while directing our attention to the global circulation of songs, the theme for the 2014 IASPM-US Annual Conference takes its inspiration from the UNC campus-wide Water initiative. Water in its many formsContinue Reading

by Joshua A. Bell, Joel Kuipers, Jacqueline Hazen, Amanda Kemble, and Briel Kobak In June 2013, our collaborative George Washington University/Smithsonian Institution team–Joshua A. Bell (NMNH Anthropology), Joel Kuipers (GWU Anthropology), Briel Kobak, Amanda Kemble, and Jacqueline Hazen–hosted a Wenner-Gren funded workshop, Linguistic and Material Intimacies of Mobile Phones, atContinue Reading

The Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies (CCCS) at the University of Queensland is seeking expressions of interest for applications for 3 year UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for 2014-2016. The UQ postdoctoral scheme seeks to attract talented early career researchers with well-developed research programs and strong track records. The fellowshipsContinue Reading

Interstices 14 “Immaterial materialities” http://interstices.ac.nz/call-for-papers-4/ Please send your submission to Sandra Karina Löschke (sandra.loschke@uts.edu.au) by 3 March 2013. Materiality has recently claimed centre stage in architectural discourse and practice, yet its critical meaning is ever receding. Tropes like material honesty, digital materiality, material responsiveness and dematerialisation mark out an interdisciplinary fieldContinue Reading

Deadline for Proposals: 20 February 2013 Website: http://softwarelivre.org/wsl From the pioneer software sharing communities created around UNIX to the community of Emacs hackers and beyond, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) development has been growing exponentially, following the popularization and widespread usage of personal computers and the Internet. Not onlyContinue Reading

Date: 26 – 27 September 2013 Venue: University of Pardubice, Czech Republic Long-held convictions about the immoral or amoral nature of capitalism have recently lost some of their force in light of illustrations of how moral conflicts unfold in the economic realm and examples of how religious and non-religious moralityContinue Reading